HEERA ORGANIC FERTILIZER Heera Organic Fertilizer is as it suggests is an organic fertilizer, which  contains beside natural matters, other materials as well.These enhance  the quality of soil components and complete the deficiency. The health  of the soil depends on the material found in it.   Heera is very useful to make the soil rich and fertile. Made of natural  raw matters that are free from chemicals and their harmful effect, used  in the corps to harvest high quality agricultural produce. This fertilizer cures the plants and trees from all diseases. It preserves  them from weeds, insects, seeds, stones, mud and bad smell. It causes  no harm to farmers and animals. Easy to transport and stock.   Heera Organic Homes is a product that serves the propose of growing  plants, fruits and vegetables in your lawn, consisting the same  elements. Free from any chemicals and their harmful effects Composition Organic Matter 25-%40% includesDry matter-------- Nitrogen (N) ----- Phosphorous (P202)---- Potassium (K20)---- Magnesium (Mg)------ Calcium (Ca)---- Humic Acid Plus Trace Elements : Fe, Zn, Cu, Free of chemical additive, injurious pests & weed.
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